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Restaurants, Diners and Fast Food Joints: Food from the Past


One of my favorite things, growing up in the San Fernando Valley, was that Sunday morning breakfast with the family or that mid-week dinner at your favorite family restaurant. I think it was my dad’s favorite thing to do, as well. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, which makes this such a great topic for the Valley Relics blog.

Family dinners, lunches and breakfast were always a highlight and I always looked forward to the new spot. There’s nothing like kicking the sawdust on the way in to Mike’s Pizza in Van Nuys and the anticipation of the hot rolls that were about to be served. As a treat, on the way home, on a hot summer evening, we would stop at our local Dairy Queen for a vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone, with plenty of napkins in hand. Sometimes it was a trip to Alphy’s off of Sepulveda and Nordhoff for two eggs over-easy, bacon and hash browns. I always loved to watch my dad in action. He loved food and he took it very seriously. Watching him put his name on the waiting list and making sure that no one got ahead of the family was a common sight.

Some of the family’s favorite places, outside of Mike’s Pizza and Alphy’s, were the Red Barn, the White Horse Inn, Chi Chi’s Pizza, La Fiesta, Sambo’s, Monty’s Steak House, and the Bear Pit, just to mention a few. The valley boasted a wealth of restaurants that catered to any palette, along with some of the kid’s favorites, from Pup n’ Taco, to Naugles and the old school Shakey’s pizza parlour.

Going out to eat with the family seemed to be a common pastime and not just within my own. There was a sense of safety and community, sitting at the table with the whole family, waiting for that coke that burns, getting full on rolls, before you even order your meal, hoping that you’ll be allowed to order dessert, and all the while, surrounded by other families, who are doing the same. I’d like to believe that I wasn’t the only one who thought that Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour was the highlight!

My quest to collect antiques, artifacts and relics from the San Fernando Valley is more than just an attempt to create a timeline, or document a rise and fall. This is a quest to immortalize some of the best days of my life. Holding these pieces of the past in my hands is a form of time travel, thrusting me back to my spot at the table, with the whole family in tow.

Some of these very relics are pictured below and are actual pieces of the Valley Relics collection. Join us on FaceBook and add in some of your favorite restaurants, diners, fast food joints and all the like to our timeline.

(click on the menus for a look inside, at some of those favorite dishes and desserts)

6,997 Responses to Restaurants, Diners and Fast Food Joints: Food from the Past

  1. Vickie Stewart says:

    Way back, our family went to a little place for Mexican food: Panchito’s

    As a teen-ager, Bob’s Big Boy on Sepulveda (San Fernando Bob’s) was where I enjoyed most of my meals!

  2. wednesday packer says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww pup and taco, my dad would treat us to the grape slushies after school, bbq at the bear pit, chi chi’s in panorama after the movies, no one mentioned baby beef burgers in lake view terrace. these places remind me of how great it was to grow up in the 70′s

  3. My family loved La Fiesta, too – and browsing at Akron afterward made it a fun evening. All time favorite, though, was Morigi’s Pizza in Chatsworth and later, the location on Reseda Blvd in Northridge. It’s gone, now. I believe the owner was the brother of the owner of Chi Chi’s. Whenever I’m in town I try to get a Chi Chi’s Pizza – because that’s still the best pizza around.

    And Love’s Barbecue – also in Chatsworth. Good memories.

  4. Lynne Rudesill says:

    I loved Mike’s pizza. Their antipasto salad, to die for. Sambos for pancakes. Rusty’s Hacienda for Mexican food. Foxy’s for hot fudge sundaes. I haven’t lived in the SFV since 1984 or California since 2005, but I still remember these places.

  5. Nancy Tomasheski says:

    When I was a kid we had a whole routine. Breakfasts and lunches at Smokey Joe’s, Tiny Naylor’s, or DuPars (all in Studio City). Every Sunday, dinner was at Art’s Deli.
    When I was just a baby, we used to go all the way to Woodland Hills once a week for Chinese at … was it called House of Wong? I learned to use chopsticks at the same time I was learning Western utensils.
    (My husband has just reminded me of Ho Toy’s, which was a popular haunt when I was in high school.)
    Tail O’ The Cock was another occasional destination, when Dad’s old friend Johnny Guarnieri was the house pianist. Oh! And Moskva Cliff and Hoppe’s Old Heidelberg – both of which were tricky for me as I didn’t eat meat, but I loved the atmosphere (yes, even as a kid!) so it was cool.

    • sharon davis says:

      Oh my gosh, my first memmory of a Chinese restaurant is House of Wong in Woodland Hills!!!

    • Caryn says:

      It was the House of Kwong. Amazing food, but it was the underaged drinking spot where you could drink two Dragon’s Bloods to ensure a happy night!!

      • Susie Stokes says:

        House of Kwong was where we went every Christmas Eve for dinner when we were little kids. I just remember there was a big waterful rock thing in the front, and the almond cookies were the best. Was next door to some swim school. Happy memory.

    • Bob Kirk says:

      It was the house of Kwon I think on ventura?

    • steve says:

      Smokey Joe’s ,,,,,,,,,the best pancakes in the world

  6. Patricia Davenport says:

    Hody’s on Northeast corner of Lankershim and Oxnard. Car-Hop service with the trays that attached at the windows. Chocolate milkshakes in big stainless containers. HEAVEN.

  7. Marc Goldberg says:

    Some of the restaurants my folks took my sister and I to were Phil Ahn’s Moongate–which was right next store to the Americana 5 (later 6) Cinema on Sepulveda in Panorama City and Otto’s Pink Pig. Growing up in Sylmar, one of my favorites was Taco Rico–which is still there and as good as ever.

  8. howard broughton says:

    the oak room was the best steak & lobster in the valley. the sherman room number 2 i thank the sherman room is still there ?

  9. Marcy Cameron says:

    In high school we used to hang out at Swensons and Pages in Encino. My parents used to get dressed up on Saturday nights and go to Aux Delices – a fancy French restaurant also in Encino. I used to ride my bike to the Baskin Robbins on Ventura Blvd. & Balboa. The owner (Mr.Silverman) used to call me “Bright eyes”!!

  10. carol paton says:

    I sure do miss the old valley restaurants….the La Fiesta on Ventura in Tarzana, Monty’s Steak House and the Queen’s arms for special occasions, and Charly’s in Woodland Hills. Love’s had the best BBQ beef sandwiches, and I still “import” their sauce back here to my home in Schaumburg, IL. DuPar’s had the best burgers and pies on the planet. Oh wait—Hamburger Hamlet! Does anyone remember Peppi’s in Encino, also on Ventura…very small place with European menu, and a guy who was a virtuoso on the violin would play during dinner? Or how about Travalinis in Encino? And ice cream had to come from Farrell’s or WIll Wright’s. Definitely those were the good old days I Moved to the valley in 1956 and lived there until I was married in 1971 (yes, the week of the Sylmar quake). I have fond memories of growing up there, and then watching the valley change as the orange groves disappeared and the freeways were built… it grew so fast. I have not been back in a long time…..but enjoy your page and the photos and comments. Guess I’ll always be a ‘valley girl’ at heart. Thanks for keeping the memories.

  11. Mark says:

    Chris and Pttts Forever! Victory and Fulton, Loved it!

  12. Lynn Marx Sanborn says:

    Oh so many wonderful memories. Far East Terrace in panorama city, Bobs Big Boy San Fernando and Van Nuys I was a car hop there. MIKES Pizza and Chi Chi’s after or befote the show. The Bear Pit best Bar BQ. Sutters Mill best steak house. Alpine Haus for German food and dancing the polka with my Dad. Hacienda for Mexican when all my aunts and uncles and cousins would go to dinner with us. The first. Pizza I ever had was at Piece a Pizza. A small A-frame accros from the roller rink.

    • CARLA CLARY says:

      You’ve stirred up so many wonderful memories in my mind…. Thank You
      Sutters Mill is in Simi Valley now and exactly as it was when it was on Sepulveda. I actually cried when I discovered it.
      The Alpine House was wonderful !!

  13. Mike B says:

    Van De Kamps @ Roscoe/Reseda
    Bobs Big Boy @ Sherman way
    Pioneer Chicken
    Pizza on wheels @ Roscoe/Tampa
    Char Broil Hamburgers @ Roscoe/Tampa
    Farrells Ice cream Reseda Blvd/Northridge

  14. Barry Altmark says:

    Hot dogs at the “Weiner Factory” in Sherman Oaks, mexican food at “Mission Burito” in Canoga Park, wonderful beef ribs at “Zigs” on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills just to name a few.

  15. Mike Murashko says:

    The first “destination” restaurant that I recall from my youth was Mel’s Landing in Granada Hills. It’s first location for many years was at the corner of San Fernando Mission and Woodley in a popular shopping center that also at one time had Granada Hills only movie theater. That shopping center is now decaying and well past its prime. But in those days, going to Mel’s Landing a couple times a year for VERY special occasions was a treat. To this day, I still haven’t had a better shrimp scampi. Eventually, Mel’s moved to a larger location in Van Nuys and lost us as regular customers. I’d love to see any memorabilia at all from the GH location. La Fiesta at Balboa and Devonshire was also very popular as was the original Chi-Chi’s in Panorama City.

  16. Donna says:

    Ho Toys and Ottos Pink Pig……a little hamburger joint on Van Nuys Blvd. where the train came around the table and took your order….can’t remember the name of it… was the best!!

  17. Nile Hight says:

    When we were really young in Northridge (six kids) we didn’t eat out too often – my parents owned a meat store in Taluca Lake and home meals were BBQ’s and healthy sides. My first “gathering spot” where the neighborhood kids would ride their horses and sting rays to was the A&W on Reseda Blvd. I still love their root beer and burgers. I think the first restaurant we all went to that I remember was the White Horse Inn. Later years it was all the classic restaurants all over the valley.

  18. Jerry M says:

    I miss the Godfather Pizza Chain. The other was of course Sambo’s. Although there is a Sambo’s in Santa Barbara, CA. It isnt the same. I also miss Straw Hut Pizza, I also miss a placed call casa de pizza. That was at Tampa and Victory Blvd.

    I also think the Great Wall Chinese Resturant is a great place. I think they been at that same spot on Sherman Way and Darby as long as I can remember.

    Near Roscoe Blvd on Reseda Blvd. There was a small burger joint called tim tom’s. They had great food.

    On Burbank Blvd just west of Reseda was another fine place called Louie’s Pizzaeria. And Bob’s big boy was great.

  19. Greg Sheremeta says:

    VanDeKamps in Burbank, Tommy’s Burgers, and of course Bob’s Big Boy in Panorama City!

  20. Burbankian here-fav restaurants for the family outings were Leon’s Steakhouse on Lankershim and Victory, Rusty’s Hacienda. King Swede and as far as fast food-had to be either A&W or Larry’s Chili Dogs.

  21. Jim Murray says:

    Leons steak house my mom @dad loved that place

  22. Cindy Thoburn says:

    For all special occasions, we would go to Sutter’s Mill on Sepulveda near San Fernando Road, I think in Granada Hills. On Friday nights, we would go to the Fish Bowl at Saticoy and Louise – tiny little place but the best battered shrimp in the world. For Mexican food it Jo Jo’s Mexican Restaurant on Van Nuys Blvd. Good times………

  23. Phil Blommendahl says:

    Going back to the 1950s there was Hody’s at Lankershim and Oxnard. Then in the 1953-54 time frame “The Rafters” was built at Sepulveda and Parthenia and was eventually torn down mid 60s. Most of us recall Otto’s Pink Pig on Van Nuys Blvd., but how many recall Spencers on Van Nuys near Vanowen that was near the Copper Kettle and was also raised in the mid 1960s?
    In 1957 a little Burger joint at Nordhoff and Woodley called ” Big Daddy’s was built and I believe now is a donut shop ,but the building is still there.
    At Burbank Airport(now called Bob Hope Airport) there was “The Skyroom” on the second floor of what is still the main building there. That went away mid 1960s.
    In 1962 I ate at Sitton’s on Magnolia west of Lankershim which was then next to the old Steen Funeral Chapel. Steen’s also had an ambulance service in the late 1940s.
    On Ventura Blvd. in Studio City there was Whitinghill’s Restaurant owned by the well revered DJ on KMPC 710 AM radio station from about 1950 to 1970 plus. I also remember ” Rand’s Round Up”on Ventura Studio City in 1949. There was also Barbada’s Steak House” in Woodland Hills where the owner played sax and had a nice jazz quartet in there Friday and Saturday nights. McQuires sat on DeSoto south of Roscoe until int was tron down in the early 1990s.
    Some of these names will be recalled by readers who are now 60 to 80 years old as many have gone to the wrecking ball and Valley lore and memories. As I grew up in the S. F. Valley from 1943 to 1978 one thing that will always be remembered was the plethora of eateries of all sizes and cuisines, the drive in movies,the countless backyard swimming pools that went in from 1952 to 1960 and the general laid back life style I now call “The Apotheosis of Laidbacktitude” which is my own word for that Valley and So. Bon Apitite

  24. Colleen Houlihan says:

    Mom worked at Mikes Pizza on Van Nuys Blvd for 25yrs… ummm but my kid things were the only’s, ,, on Mondays Mom would give me 21cents to get a hamburger n coke for The Big D” McDonald’s..Wensday, 25cent tacos at Nagels! When I thought I was cool, ,, moved on to Bobs Big Boy!
    Went by there this weekend…YUK!

  25. Alice Gutshall says:

    Bear Pit BBQ for the best BBQ in the entire Valley. Still in business and still packed, so you know they are doing something right. Then, for Mexican food, a little family run place in San Fernando near the K-Mart. Can’t remember the name, but it was honest home made Mexican food. I lived in the valley 1948-1976, when I moved to Simi and then to Oregon and now, back to Ca. We never did have much money when I was a kid so eating any meal out was a treat. A big summertime treat in my neighborhood in the 50′s and 60′s was 10cent hamburgergers at a little place that was near the old Devonshire Downs. memories..

  26. Tam says:

    The Red Barn- when I was about 4 in 1957, we used to go to the Red Barn, the song Tammy had just come out. The piano player played it when we walked in. I thought the song was written about me. And I used to run the the fish tanks so I could watch the fish swim. Later when I married I took my husband to the Red Barn & told him the story. Now all I have is the story. Chris & Pitts, Bob Burns, Chows Chinese Kitchen- we used to drive my Newhall to get Chows. And the Mexican place down by JC Penny’s in San Fernando, when we came to the valley we ate there. that was before the 14 we drove the Old Road along side the water fall to get to the valley. Meet my husband cruzing the blvd.

    • Susie Stokes says:

      “now all I have is the story” – that was hilarious! thank you for the laugh. Susie

    • Davy Rippner says:

      I was 5 in 1958 and used to be taken to the Red Barn by my single Mom and a gang of happy dykes on the weekends. Their was a huge open cauldren of molten resin outside where they boiled the best “baked” potatoes I’ve ever tasted. Giant Caesar salads were assembled at the long tables and the burgers were succulent. It was noisy, busy and friendly.

  27. Cheri Good says:

    Growing up in the SFV from 1969 to 1987, we had our favorite food places. The Shoestring was a wonderfully greasy treat, Chinese take-out on Woodman (Kei Wei?) was awesome, Leon’s steakhouse or Sizzler for a good steak, Shakey’s for pizza (and Mo-Jo’s!),
    Pup ‘N Taco for taco-on-a-bun, Pioneer or Church’s for great chicken, Burger Basket (by Poly High) for chili cheese fries, H.Salt Fish & Chips for English-style battered fish. My dad really liked the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant. The Odyssey up on the hill….great food, drinks & view!
    Great times growing up in the valley!

  28. Cheri Good says:

    I just remembered how much my Grandma loved taking me to Woolworth’s lunch counter when she would visit from Oakland. Those burgers were good with the toasted sesame bun! I also remember the 1st pizza delivery; Pizza Man. I went on my 1st date to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor. There was a place on Sepulveda Blvd, across from the gold & silver trading company, that was the very 1st place I remember putting avocado on its grilled burger (YUM!). Later that burger was dubbed a “California Burger”. Perry’s Mexican Food (across from Poly High) had awesome shredded beef taco’s! Sambo’s & Bob’s Big Boy was a family favorite.

  29. pam leighton says:

    Zigs had amazing garlic dressing. Monty’s Steakhouse is still in Woodland Hills still run by the same family. Pup ‘n’ Taco was my first job in 1976. Bea’s Bakery. Who remembers the Pizza Peddlar? Yum

    • Jon M says:

      The Pizza peddlar was some of the best in town after Romas closed in the 60′s. They had a square Pizza the melted in your mouth.

  30. Tyler B says:

    I remember going to Loop’s in Tarzana (Wilbur and Ventura). Ticos (Yarmouth and Ventura). Pancake Haven (Whiteoak and Ventura). And my most favorite was Eckberg’s Steak House in Woodland Hills. Mr. Eckberg collected bells and when you played “I’m looking over a four leaf clover” on the juke box, he would come out of the kitchen and do a show with his bell collection. It was great!

  31. Jon M says:

    Any one from the Reseda,Encino and Tarzana area remember Nicks Subs on the corner of Lindly and Ventura. Its now known as Micks (new owner same food)Its been there since the 50′s if Im not mistaken?

  32. Bev Ridge says:

    Ah Fongs, the Queen’s Arms, Sutter’s Mill, Farrell’s, VandeKamp’s on Roscoe … for Mexican food, a little place next to KMart in San Fernando (I think it was called El Tacquito). We’d hang out at Bob’s Big Boy on Devonshire in Northridge when they were open all night.

  33. Bev Ridge says:

    Oh yeah! The Old Heidelberg was always a special treat. Barone’s is now housed in the same building.

  34. Mike Steinmetz says:

    Lou’s Lunch Box on Sepulveda in Mission Hills. What was the restaurant on Van Nuys and Roscoe that has a big boat steering wheel as it’s sign? Finally, the first mexican food restaurant I can remember was El Gato also on Sepulveda north of Sherman Way.

  35. Regina says:

    My family’s special dinner place was the Blarney Stone in Burbank. Great food and so many memories.

  36. Long before Subway came to town with it’s bland-wiches, there was Matt & Tony’s subs on Victory between the main streets of Coldwater & Fulton, right there next to the wash. The sub sandwiches were delicious, but things got even better for me as a kid when they added burritos to the menu. Those things were MASSIVE!

    I still miss O.C.’s (Our Contribution) which was a health food restaurant owned by Mike Farrell of M.A.S.H. fame. It was a lovely place to go for a family meal in the evenings and I still make avocado, cheese, sprout, cucumber, tomato and bacon bit sandwiches in O.C.’s honor to bring the flavor of those good times back today!

    There was a pizza place in the row of shops on the northeast corner of Victory & Coldwater that was also one of those sawdust on the floor pizzerias. Does anyone remember the name of that place? (Dinos, maybe?) It was back in the days when there was a drugstore on the corner where the Burger King now stands and if I’m remembering correctly it was called Miracle Center.

  37. Debi says:

    Beef & Barrel in Northridge…Ekbergs in Woodland Hills….Rococco’s in Woodland Hills….Munch Box Burgers on the RR tracks in Chatsworth….Lanni’s Inn on Sherman Way in Reseda…Swedish Kitchen Ventura Blvd…. Monterey Cannery in oysters and fish….The Baked Potato in Studio City…Nappy’s Coffee shop in Canoga Park….is Bob Burns still there in W.Hills? Loved the Oak Room and the Sherman Room…Sportsmans Lodge…Monteleones….gosh so many good ones are gone!

  38. Nancy says:

    Pepitos,and the Samoa House, I think in Sherman Oaks.. Also JoJo’s on Reseda Blvd.

  39. Paul Krekorian says:

    Pam, which Pup ‘n Taco were you at? I worked there around the same time.

  40. Jan Robles says:

    The Reseda Steak Ranch, on Reseda Blvd. approx across the street from the former Foster’s Freeze, as I recall – the BEST country style ribs, the BEST garlic bread and the BEST baked potatoes with cheese sauce (at least in my humble opinion). I’d love to have the recipe for those ribs. I heard once that Zig’s was owned by the same people, but that was never confirmed.

  41. Ed Garelick says:

    Lido Pizza at Van Nuys& Victory,Mission Burrito Van Owen & ?, Sierra’s Mexican food Vanowen & Canoga, Sherman Room, Rosies Barbq , of course Tommy’s Roscoe & Haskell and here’s and old favorite gone for years Slim’s in Van Nuys for chili on some side street near the courthouse.

  42. CORY says:

    My Dad would take us to dinner on Friday nights. We would go to Howard Johnson’s on Reseda Blvd. for all you can eat fried clams. Chris n Pitts on Roscoe across from Pepe’s GoKarts was also a favorite too. My brother and I would eat as fast as we could so we could run down to Crash and Burn and watch them race slot cars until Mom and Dad would come get us. My Douglas on Devonshire and Balboa was another Friday night hot spot. The only bummer with that was we had to endure 2 hours of grocery shopping at Hughes Market afterwards.

  43. Rae says:

    The Golden Anchor, Roscoe and Van Nuys Blvd. Became Bobs Big boy or was it the reverse.

  44. Rae says:

    Restaurant at Roscoe and Van Nuys Blvd was the Golden Anchor. Bobs Big Boy was also on that site at one time

  45. Ed Garelick says:

    Does anyone remember Larry’s Pizza ? Their deep dish was amazing. I think it was started by two students (brothers I think) from Kennedy High School for a business class assignment. I think they had 2 locations one on Balboa & Chatsworth the other Parthenia in Northridge.

    • Colleen says:

      Yes, on Parthenia off Woodley – Larry’s Pizza was excellent, especially since it was owned and operated by two Irish guys (the McGrath brothers)for many years. Great family atmosphere and memorable times.

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  47. CARLA CLARY says:

    The Golden Anchor …. OMG I LOVED that place.
    I haven’t seen anyone mention Casa di Pizza on SF Mission and Woodley. THE best for over 50 years now.
    I was raised on Bear Pit…. AMAZING
    Does anyone remember the name of the coffee shop, on Topanga Cyn just North of Roscoe, in the early 80′s?

    • Mike Allen says:

      Robyn, I remember the Fire Brigade. Had a fire engine, a litte fireman carved & painted on their palm tree and great burgers! They were on Ventura just west of Hayvenhurst. Also loved and miss Ah Fongs, Mikes Pizza, Pages, Swensen’s, Loves, Dupar’s (Encino). Those were the days.

    • Ellen says:

      Nappy’s! :)

  48. Robyn Weisman says:

    DuPar’s at Ventura & Petit in Encino (where Jerry’s Deli is now), Mike’s Pizza, Ah Fongs (we went to both the Encino and Beverly Hills ones), the old Encino Delicatessan (which I think is now a Versailles)…does anybody remember a hamburger place called The Fire Brigade that I think was near the corner of Ventura and Hayvenhurst? I had my first chili burger there. I was maybe six when it closed down, and I still think about it.

  49. Herb Symonds says:

    You are my breathing in, I own few blogs and very sporadically run out from post :). “He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future conquers the past.” by George Orwell.

  50. Corinne Doubiago says:

    Man Pizza on Wheels on Tampa and COrbin ? I believe; I can still taste that pizza; Does anyone have a recipe for it? YUM

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